Article I wrote for ADVANCE about using and choosing Apps for individuals with hearing loss.


Very excited to see that my article on using apps was posted recently (click on the picture above or here to go to the article).  This has definitely been a hot topic and I have done/will be doing quite a few presentations about this in the next few weeks.   It’s a pretty good summary of what I talk about in narrative form.

***Don’t forget to check out the actual list “Apps for Kids (and Adults) with Hearing Loss” here.    It’s been updated recently and there are GOBS of cool, new apps on there to explore.***

iPadcarholderHere is an example of Mother Necessity.

One iPad <gasp!> + two girls = whining and complaining that they couldn’t see the iPad.

One iPad + two girls + one bungee cord strung across two headrests = problem solved!

~ tc ~

Author: Tina Childress

I am a wife, mother, educational audiologist, late-deafened adult and bilateral cochlear implant recipient who travels between the Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing and hearing worlds. Feel free to contact me at

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