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Here are the notes from today’s presentation. ┬áPlease feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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Name that CI processor and part!

Have you ever wondered what that thingamajiggy is REALLY called on your cochlear implant?

Do you know the name of your CI center? How about your audiologist?

If your car were to break down, would you ever have a conversation like this?

You:               Hi, I need your help. My car just broke down at the gas station.

Mechanic:      Yeah? What kind of car do you have?

You:                Ummmm…I don’t know. It’s a car. It’s red?

Well, there have been times when I’ve met people and they don’t know the manufacturer or the model of their cochlear implant. They’ll say, “I don’t know. It’s my cochlear implant!” 

Students that I work with often don’t know the name of their CI center or their audiologist.

Just as with the car example above, those vague answers would not really be very helpful if you have to do some troubleshooting! How would you know where to start looking?

Test your knowledge and maybe even make a game of it by learning its true name! Here are some tools:

First, I created a page with pictures of the various manufacturers and models of processors so you know their name (click on a picture and go straight to the User Guide). There is also a page with all of the CI manufacturers side-by-side with information and resources that they offer.  You can find all of this at

Second, I’ve designed some simple worksheets for you to use with your patients (adult and pediatric). They have places where you can not only fill in the name of the manufacturer/model but also a place to fill in information like the name of the CI center and audiologist!

Happy learning!

NOTE: Updated 01/19 with more recent CI models

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