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3. I really like lists and spreadsheets/charts. Like a lot. I have been described as having “chart heart” and that I am all about “grids and vids.”

I like them so much that I have what I call, “My List of Lists.” Below is what that Google doc looks like – it is updated periodically, too, so be sure to check it out every once in a while.

Currently, my most popular charts/grids are: (the first list I ever posted) (self-explanatory) (so important for Deaf/Hard of Hearing people in this time of masking) (these options keep evolving, too!)

…be sure check out the whole list though!

4. Here are some other resources:

Found at, this Knowledge Base was co-created with friend and colleague, Catharine McNally. Some of the information may be similar to what you find here, usually in a slightly different presentation format. Here you can find some short video tutorials and demonstrations on a variety of tech topics as well as any presentations or interviews.

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